Featured Friday: Ride For Water

Aloha Friday! It is the end of yet another week and I hope you are excited for the weekend ahead! It’s Friday, Friday…. (ok, enough with the shenanigans).

This Featured Friday I would like to present you with an incredible cause that has been brought to my attention by my very own brother. In May of 2017, he will be joining a team of ten men and women as they CYCLE from coast to coast ACROSS AMERICA! Their cause is known as Ride For Water and their purpose is to raise awareness and funding for those living in developing countries without clean drinking water. Some may think this group of college students is insane, but upon closer inspection you will find that this is only partially true. They are actually just passionate about people, particularly those who do not have access to safe or clean water (there are about 663 MILLION people who don’t, to be exact).

Now you may be wondering why water is significant. In grand scheme of things, what is a little clean water going to do? My friends, a little clean water does quite a lot. If we can give people access to clean drinking water, we can also open the doors for education, entrepreneurship, health, and family growth and sustainability. We can decrease the risk of infection, disease, and even death. And we can improve the quality of life and the general well-being of others on a global scale. How does this work? Watch this short video on how Water Changes Everything to find out!

In response to the worldwide water crisis, the team members of Ride For Water have made a commitment to help. They have made a decision to not do nothing. They are on a mission to fight the global water crisis for friends in need around the globe and they are asking that we too would fight alongside them during this journey.

To learn more about Ride for Water‘s mission and team, check out www.rideforwater.com or follow their journey on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

“The craziest thing we can do is nothing” – Ride For Water

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