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Travel Tip Tuesday: Let’s Talk About Hair

Greetings everyone! I feel like it has been a while since I caught you up to speed on our little family here in the north. What’s new? Actually quite a lot. Firstly, as you may recall from The “Odd Balls” a couple of weeks ago, my Canadian work permit was finally approved, which means that for the first time in 7 months I can work! YAY! Until now, I still had not really settled on a job, but I think my search is finally over (I know what I want to be when I grow up!). It is somewhat of a crazy story, so stay tuned for more of the juicy details in the days (or maybe weeks) to come, depending on when I actually start work. It has been a good 7 months, but it is definitely time to finally get this work party started.

In addition, we are moving in a month! We have been in our apartment for almost a year now, but we are ready to relocate to a new place we can call our home. We are thoroughly excited and you can be too! Why? Well, because a new apartment means new projects to tackle for our Saturday Crafternoons!

Lastly, we are heading south with the birds to California in March! At the moment, we are still planning our adventures, but I know that whatever we wind up doing will be awesome. So get stoked! I cannot wait to share our stories and experiences with you as we get to voyage through “The Golden State.”

In sum, those are the biggies at the moment for our little family. There is a lot to be excited about as a whole bunch of newness is right around the corner. Changing gears, though, it is time for this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday. That being said, let’s talk about hair.

Hair. I absolutely love it, so please do not get me wrong (imagine me bald… no thanks). However, when traveling I develop this deeply rooted love-hate relationship with it…. And I don’t even have long hair! If I just washed it, it seems like the moment I step foot onto an airplane or bus, my hair still seems to unleash an abnormally large wave of oils. GROSS!

Now, I get it. On the one hand, we cannot wash our hair all the time when traveling. It is just not an option in some places. On the other hand, though, I do not think it is wise (more for the sake of our fellow-travelers) to never care about the greasiness in our hair. For instance, it is not a good idea to look (and smell) like a ragamuffin when you are trying to make new friends (unless you all are into that). So what do we do about this dilemma?

Well, for guys and gals alike, there is a solution. I promise, it won’t cost you a fortune! When you notice that your hair is starting to get a bit greasy, use baby powder! WHAT?! Yes. It works. Depending on how long your hair is, just sprinkle some baby powder into the palm of your hand. Bend over and flip your hair upside down. Then work the baby powder into the roots of your hair by rubbing it around a bit. When it is worked through, un-bend and flip your hair right side up again, making sure that none of the baby powder is visible. (If you see some white from the powder still, just rub it in some more). And that’s it. There you have it! The baby powder works to absorb the oils from your hair, leaving your hair less greasy looking and even more volumized. Problem solved.

Word of caution: this tip will definitely work for a couple of days, but please also remember to bring shampoo on your trip…. Eventually you will need to just wash your hair.

Hopefully this travel tip helps you in your adventures around the world! Also, if there is a specific area of travel you would like some tips about, please let me know! Feel at home to comment below. Have a wonderful evening, friends! 🙂

Keep the travels a-goin’ and the hair a-flowin’!






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