Saturday Crafternoon: Geometric Mountain Shelves

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I am currently testing out a new bread recipe for the hubby. Though it is not gluten free, I am very excited to see how it will turn out. Other than that, we are expecting some snow this afternoon and are looking forward to a fresh dusting of white here in the north!

Well, for this Saturday Crafternoon I would like to inspire you with a shelving project that Andy and I created a couple months ago. You see, at the time I was looking for somewhere to put some of my plants. They needed more sunshine but we did not have a good place to put them by our only two windows. Thusly, we decided to build some shelves. Andy and I (being us) did not want construct just any ordinary shelves, though. We wanted to make funky shelves that would resemble mountains (which do not exist here in Manitoba). Piece by piece, these Geometric Mountain Shelves were born.

I am not going to lie…. These shelves were a bit difficult to plan out and even more difficult to build (especially because we only had a circular saw to use, rather than a table saw for the angles). However, after some practical geometry and a couple hours, we were more than satisfied with the finished product. Better yet, the shelves have been perfect for our little plant children. So if you are brave and would like to try your hand at building these, please contact me and I can send you the “blueprints” (yes, for free). For everyone, though, I hope this project can inspire you to try your hand at building (even what is deemed as merely for practical purposes) as a form of art!

That all being said, my bread is ready to come out of the oven and I think it actually turned out alright! YAY! Until next time, keep it classy and have a beautiful weekend!

Have you made something artsy out of something normally deemed as merely practical? What was it? Please feel at home to comment below! 🙂

“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.” – Pablo Picasso


12 thoughts on “Saturday Crafternoon: Geometric Mountain Shelves”

  1. Love the shelves….how was the bread? I used to make gluten free bread…i now make a bread (paleo) and rolls…they are so yummy…even those who poo poo Paleo love them 🙂 Hope your weekend is going great. We woke up this morning to a cool change. We have been having heatwave conditions all week. no temps under 35 deg c all week. It even rained a short time ago. So back to my coffee…and my Sunday morning catch ups…

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    1. Thanks! 😊My hubby said it was yum! We made some delicious black bean and mushroom veggie patties to go with them. Ooo those sound good as well! And our weekend is going well. Hope your’s is as well. Eeeeek! That’s so hot! But enjoy the rain and your morning coffee 😋perfection!

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  2. Really nice shelves! From the pictures it seems it is a raw massive wood (spruce?), did you treat the wood in any way (I mean lacquer, wood oils or anything else)? The most intriguing part for me is how you put it on the wall in a way that seems that the shelf is just floating there (really nice), since I do not see any screws or nails or shelf carriers.

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    1. Thank you! 😊 We just used untreated pine wood and left it all natural. Under each of the three points of the “mountains” we used screws to hold it in place. We also have three support screws on the bottom for some added support. Doing it this way allowed us to still have that “floating effect.” It would also be possible though to attach a bracket of sorts to the back to mount it as well 👍🏼

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