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Travel Tip Tuesday: Layer For Days

Hello friends! It is good for you to be here today! What a glorious day it is indeed. There is still a blizzard raging on outside, but not to fear! It is nothing that a little tea and a lot of snow-shoveling cannot help!

Well, today we have the beautiful opportunity to discuss yet another travel tip. This one is extremely practical and is completely relevant to our recent conversations about weather. It is simply this: layer for days.

I cannot tell you how many times this useful tip has come in handy when traveling really anywhere. Whether you are going across the street or halfway around the world, when in doubt bring/wear clothes that you can easily layer with. If you are planning to be in a cold climate, I suggest wearing a base layer of thermals and even sock liners. Then pile on the thicker sweaters and the insulation. Finally, throw on some good ol’ wind/water proof outer layers and call it good. You may feel like a marshmallow but it is completely worth it. And if you start feeling like a toasted marshmallow, you can always shed some layers and still be a happy camper.

If you are a fair weather friend and plan on adventuring in a mild or warm climate, layering is relevant for you too. An example? Well, sure you may want to get your tan on at the beach for the day, but in those moments it is important to also bring along a light sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt. That way when your skin says “enough is enough” and suddenly goes from sun-kissed to sun-burnt or when you epically fail at making a bonfire, you will still be well prepared to face the world.

On of my favorite ways to layer is by using my Killtec jacket. It can be worn three different ways: as a fleece, as a rain jacket/wind breaker, and (if you zip those two layers together) as a winter jacket. This has been extremely practical when traveling because rather than carrying three different clothing items serving three different purposes, I can just pack one and adjust it accordingly.

That being said, layer. It will save you time, effort, and much frustration as you adventure to and fro. It is so simple, yet I challenge us to be mindful of how we may best layer in our gallivanting around the world. When in doubt, remember this: layer for days!

How do you layer? Have you found any layer-friendly items of clothing? Please feel at home to share below! It is always a pleasure to hear from you! 🙂

Sporting my Killtec jacket in the Alps

4 thoughts on “Travel Tip Tuesday: Layer For Days”

  1. Well a must very fond of fashion so usually whenever I plan for some trip I always carry lots of clothes with me but yes when I hav to leave for somewhere in short time period I always carry that one cloth which I can wear in many ways . ☺

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  2. This is a great tip, which I always use when travelling. Lots of smaller layers are easier to pack, easier to wash and more versatile for different climates and outfit combinations.

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