Throwback Thursday: San Pedro, CA (In Photos)

Hello friends! How good it is for you to be here today! Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday on This Darling Adventure! I hope that you have had a truly amazing day so far. If it isn’t going so hot, not to worry. Know that each day is a new opportunity to begin again and do beautifully wonderful things in this world.

Well, for today I thought we could keep it super simple and throwback to one of my favorite spontaneous day trips with my dear friend, Lora. One morning, Lora and I came to the conclusion that we just had to go hiking that day. But unlike our other usual hiking adventures, we decided that this time we were going to explore somewhere new and head to the ocean. So we packed some backpacks and made the voyage down to San Pedro. We had no idea where we would hike specifically, but we determined that we would simply cruise along the coast and pull over when we found something interesting. Here is just a quick snapshot of what we discovered that day. Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday 12d

Throwback Thursday 12c

Throwback Thursday 12b

Throwback Thursday 12a

Throwback Thursday 12e

All in all, we had an incredible time with some spectacular views. So when in doubt, go adventure! You never know what you may find along the way! 🙂




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