Whatever Wednesday: Standing Still

Good morning! Here in Canada, it is the first day of winter, also known as the Winter or December Solstice. That being said, for this Whatever Wednesday I thought it would be interesting to look at six fun facts about the December Solstice that you may or may not already know. So here we go! 1. Summertime Solstice In the… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday: Standing Still

Something Meaningful

Meaningful Monday: Join the Rebel Side

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening! Welcome to yet another Meaningful Monday. I hope that you had an excellent weekend and possibly even attempted the Christmas gift tags we made for our Saturday Crafternoon. Whatever you did or did not do, though, I hope it was awesome and that you are looking forward to the… Continue reading Meaningful Monday: Join the Rebel Side


Throwback Thursday: Labas!

Labas! (Hello!) This Throwback Thursday we are going to talk about the southernmost Baltic state: the beautiful country of Lithuania! This may be a country you know little to nothing about, but by the end of this post I hope to perk up your interest in traveling there someday. Lithuania is an amazing country filled with… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Labas!