Throwback Thursday: San Pedro, CA (In Photos)

Hello friends! How good it is for you to be here today! Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday on This Darling Adventure! I hope that you have had a truly amazing day so far. If it isn't going so hot, not to worry. Know that each day is a new opportunity to begin again and do beautifully… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: San Pedro, CA (In Photos)


Throwback Thursday: Under the Sea

Hello friends! Hope your day is going swell. It is all blue skies and butterflies here in the north. In honor of the sunshine we are experiencing, please enjoy this story from our time in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii! _________________________________________________________________ I remember it just like it was yesterday. The warm, tropical ocean caressed my tanned skin as I dove… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Under the Sea


Throwback Thursday: Deep Waters

During my junior year of studying at university, I had the opportunity to do something that most students can only dream of doing. I figured out that with the courses I had left to complete for my degree, I could take an entire semester off and still graduate on time! This was wonderful news to me. Should… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Deep Waters