Saturday Crafternoon: Heart Art

Happy Saturday everyone! Here in the north the winter cold is taking a short break and it is actually warming up a bit. Andy and I just got back from snowshoeing along a river and driving our beloved Subaru across a frozen lake (who says you cannot go drifting with AWD?). Well, as you may… Continue reading Saturday Crafternoon: Heart Art

Travel Tips

Travel Tip Tuesday: Minimalism

Hello friends! Here in the north we are beginning this day with a fresh blanket of white, laid so beautifully by last night's snow fall. As I sit and sip my morning tea, I cannot help but think about how special it is to watch the sunrise over this winter wonderland. Ah yes, it is wonderful… Continue reading Travel Tip Tuesday: Minimalism


A Clothespin Christmas 

Christmas comes but once a year and now it is here indeed. It is crazy how quickly this year has gone by. It is like we celebrated the new year, blinked, and now it is already December again. Crazy, I tell you. Since we cannot deny that Christmas is just around the corner, Andy and… Continue reading A Clothespin Christmas