Throwback Thursday: Salvation Mountain

Hey y’all! What a day this has been. Quite honestly I have not done much, but life is good. Every day can still be an adventure, even when some days simply consist of doing a deep clean of your house and having tea with friends.

That being said, I was recently reminded of an adventure I went on a couple years ago with one of my brothers to a place known as Salvation Mountain in California. Since it is Thursday, I thought it was only appropriate to throwback to our time there and hopefully peak your interest in going there some time.

Salvation Mountain

For starters, Salvation Mountain is in the middle of the desert and it takes almost an eternity to get there. It is true! It is a destination, not somewhere you would “just so happen upon.” (Throughout the entire drive there, my brother and I wondered if we were actually driving through an episode of The Twilight Zone.) After several hours of trekking across the vast expanse of the Colorado Desert, though, and stopping for a couple photo sessions along the way, we eventually we pulled off on to the dirt road that led us to the “mountain.” We immediately discovered how worthwhile it was to drive out there, as it is still one of the most eclectic and interesting places I have ever been.

The “mountain” itself is fascinating (no, it is not a nature-made mountain). It was built by a gentleman named Leonard Knight using adobe clay mixed with straw to hold it together. Part by part, he fashioned the mountain with the clay and straw and coated it with layers and layers of paint (This helps to keep the wind and rain from eroding it away). The more paint, the better and stronger the mountain became. It is estimated that there are over 100,000 gallons of paint on the mountain (most of which has been donated from people all around the world)! Leonard has since then passed away. But to this day, the mountain features funky, yet spectacular murals making it a truly unique sight.

That all being said, please enjoy these photos of Salvation Mountain and a few “points of interest” along the way!





Thank you for stopping by! For more information on Salvation Mountain and the history behind this fascinating place, check out the official website here. Have you ever heard of Salvation Mountain? Feel free to comment below! Have a fantastic evening! 🙂


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