Travel Tips

Travel Tip Tuesday: Road Less Traveled

Well hello there! It is good for you to be here today! Wherever you are today, I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful gift of life we have been given. This morning I was reminded of the importance of gratitude (yet again). Andy and I went back and forth over breakfast naming different things… Continue reading Travel Tip Tuesday: Road Less Traveled


Throwback Thursday: Salvation Mountain

Hey y'all! What a day this has been. Quite honestly I have not done much, but life is good. Every day can still be an adventure, even when some days simply consist of doing a deep clean of your house and having tea with friends. That being said, I was recently reminded of an adventure I went on a… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Salvation Mountain


In the Beginning

At the ripe age of eleven years old, I did not have the slightest idea of what I was getting myself into. A friend merely informed me that they were short on volunteers for an annual trip they did out to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. I asked her to sign me up. Little did I know that the seemingly… Continue reading In the Beginning



Resfeber is a Swedish word that describes the restless race of a traveller's heart before their journey begins. It is when feelings of anxiety and anticipation are tangled together, coexisting in perfect harmony in the depths of one's soul. It is the feeling that I get when I say "yes" to an utterly spontaneous adventure, unsure… Continue reading Resfeber