Take Time for Detours

Happy Halloween everyone and welcome to another week here on This Darling Adventure! It is SO good that you are here!

A few days ago we received our first big dumping of snow here in the North and boy howdy has it been beautiful. There is a sort of excitement in the air for the cold winter days ahead – a giddiness for the change of seasons and all that brings to life here in our little town.

On our way home from work yesterday, Andy and I were awe-struck by the way the sun peaking out from between the layers of clouds illuminated the surrounding snow-covered forest. We quickly drove home, threw on our snow boots, and headed out to the river. We stumbled upon a path neither of us had ventured down before. Hand in hand we trekked through the snow amidst the frosty trees and watched the ever-changing, colorful reflection of a picture-perfect sun setting over the glassy river. It was truly a sight to behold.

I’ve heard it said many times that it is always best to stay on the “straight and narrow” paths, keeping far away from the detours in life. Often, detours are seen as an inconvenience – something that takes you away from the places you really want to be. They are a seemingly random tangent, distracting you from your desired destination.

Upon further consideration, though, I have come to embrace the certain beauty that can only be found in the detours of life. Detours are side notes, taking you off the beaten path and onto unexpected, yet awe-inspiring adventures. They may seem a bit random in the moment, but when we stop in the midst of them and look up to appreciate where they lead, they may turn out to be much more significant than at first glance. What may look like a minor detail – a small decision to go in a different direction for a bit – could in fact lead to something much grander.

It is true. We could have merely enjoyed the setting sun as we drove back to town, carrying on with the rest of our evening routines like every other commuter heading home. But stopping for the side-note and taking time for the detour was much, much more rewarding in the end. Take time for detours.

“Trust reverses the detours of adversity into highways of destiny.” – Beth Moore

What is the best detour you have taken and why? Where did it lead? Please feel at home to comment below! πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Take Time for Detours”

  1. Beautiful sunset! I live in the desert, so there are tons of open areas. Sadly it’s mostly dead plants, haha. But the mountains here are gorgeous when the sun sets!

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