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I Am Not a World-Changer

Growing up, I was a bit awkward to say the least. I didn't quite fit into the stereotypical boxes of a girl from southern California. I hung out with most cliques at some time or another: the athletes, the nerds, the skater kids, the popular crowd, and the loners (yes, I hung out by myself… Continue reading I Am Not a World-Changer

Something Meaningful

Roots & Prunes

I used to believe I had it all together. I had a schedule to follow, obligations to keep, things to arrange. I was someone and what I did was important. This all changed when Andy and I moved and I began looking for a new job. I assumed that employers would see that I was… Continue reading Roots & Prunes

Travel Tips

Travel Tip Tuesday: Fear Not the Unknown

Why hello there! Greetings and welcome back to This Darling Adventure! It is good for you to be here today! Well friends, today I was reminded of the beautiful opportunity we each have in the midst of our circumstances to choose joy. To be completely honest and open, the last week or so has not… Continue reading Travel Tip Tuesday: Fear Not the Unknown