Travel Tips

Travel Tip Tuesday: Fear Not the Unknown

Why hello there! Greetings and welcome back to This Darling Adventure! It is good for you to be here today! Well friends, today I was reminded of the beautiful opportunity we each have in the midst of our circumstances to choose joy. To be completely honest and open, the last week or so has not… Continue reading Travel Tip Tuesday: Fear Not the Unknown


Throwback Thursday: Road Well Traveled

Hello there, friends! Happy Thursday to you! It is so good for you to be here today. Welcome, welcome! Last night Andy and I tried out a new recipe in our slow cooker (we have been having way too much fun with it) and made some Curry Stew with Chickpeas, Sweet Potato and Spinach. All… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Road Well Traveled


Expecting the Unexpected

When I look at this photograph I cannot help but laugh. What may appear to be a carefully orchestrated moment (a moment in which Andy and I waited patiently for an ibex to meander its way across the foreground of our setting so we could snap a few photos) actually was in fact an accident. We had just finished hiking through the… Continue reading Expecting the Unexpected