Featured Friday: Just Start!

Aloha Friday, friends! It is good for you to be here today! If you haven't heard already, this is my absolutely favorite day of the week, and no, not just because the weekend is oh-so imminent. Featured Fridays are the day on This Darling Adventure when we have the wonderful opportunity to throw the spotlight on someone… Continue reading Featured Friday: Just Start!


Featured Friday: Ride For Water

Aloha Friday! It is the end of yet another week and I hope you are excited for the weekend ahead! It's Friday, Friday.... (ok, enough with the shenanigans). This Featured Friday I would like to present you with an incredible cause that has been brought to my attention by my very own brother. In May of 2017, he… Continue reading Featured Friday: Ride For Water


Feature Friday: Batman’s Sidekick

Aloha Friday! Fridays around here are super awesome, not just because they mark the beginning of the weekend, but also because here on This Darling Adventure we have the unique opportunity to turn the floor over to a fellow adventurer and give them a chance to shine. As you may recall, yesterday we talked about Lithuania.… Continue reading Feature Friday: Batman’s Sidekick


Aloha Friday & Much, Much More!

Good morning everyone! It is Friday at last and I hope that you are looking forward to an awesome weekend of adventures. Fridays have always been one of my favorite days of the week. It is more than just the end of a week of working. It is also the beginning of the weekend -  a time… Continue reading Aloha Friday & Much, Much More!