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Meaningful Monday: Go for Gold

Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to the beginning of a brand new week. It is good for you to be here! I hope that you are having a fantastic day so far, wherever in the world you may be. When in doubt, just keep the joy and the coffee a-flowin'. As many of you know we are… Continue reading Meaningful Monday: Go for Gold

Something Meaningful

Meaningful Monday: Welcome to Belonging!

Welcome friends to another Meaningful Monday on This Darling Adventure! It is so good for you to be here today. Believe it or not, it is the start of the last full week in January. This year is certainly whizzing on by! Before we get carried away with the days passing so quickly, though, I thought… Continue reading Meaningful Monday: Welcome to Belonging!

Something Meaningful

Meaningful Monday: Gather ‘Round

Good morning friends! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Okay, I know... I am a day late, but we did not have the chance to talk yesterday so better late than never! 🙂 I hope that you had a truly beautiful day with friends, family, and friends who you think should be family. Andy and I celebrated up here in the… Continue reading Meaningful Monday: Gather ‘Round


Feature Friday: Batman’s Sidekick

Aloha Friday! Fridays around here are super awesome, not just because they mark the beginning of the weekend, but also because here on This Darling Adventure we have the unique opportunity to turn the floor over to a fellow adventurer and give them a chance to shine. As you may recall, yesterday we talked about Lithuania.… Continue reading Feature Friday: Batman’s Sidekick


In the Beginning

At the ripe age of eleven years old, I did not have the slightest idea of what I was getting myself into. A friend merely informed me that they were short on volunteers for an annual trip they did out to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. I asked her to sign me up. Little did I know that the seemingly… Continue reading In the Beginning



Resfeber is a Swedish word that describes the restless race of a traveller's heart before their journey begins. It is when feelings of anxiety and anticipation are tangled together, coexisting in perfect harmony in the depths of one's soul. It is the feeling that I get when I say "yes" to an utterly spontaneous adventure, unsure… Continue reading Resfeber



One of the best times of year here in Northern Manitoba is late summer, when the leaves begin to turn the vibrant colors of fall and the air becomes more crisp, sighing away the last few warm days before the first snowfall. During this part of summer, one can trample through the boreal forest and collect… Continue reading Blueberries