Whatever Wednesday: Lesson Learned

Good evening, everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope that you have been enjoying an awesome week so far. You are half way through it and going strong! Keep it up! For Andy and I here in the north, our blizzard has finally settled down and the skies are clearing. I gotta say, though... I am really impressed… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday: Lesson Learned


Throwback Thursday: Pisew Falls, MB (In Pictures)

Hello friends! It is good for you to be here today. I am so glad you could join us! For this Throwback Thursday, we are going to keep things super chill (literally). So grab a cup of tea, kick your feet up and enjoy these photos from today's adventures to Pisew Falls Provincial Park, here… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Pisew Falls, MB (In Pictures)



I have recently discovered the wonder and excitement of snowflakes. This may sound a bit silly, but growing up in southern California, snow was not really a thing. Sure, we could pack up the car and drive to the mountains where my family and I would make snowmen and sled down random hills. But snow… Continue reading Snowflakes



One of the best times of year here in Northern Manitoba is late summer, when the leaves begin to turn the vibrant colors of fall and the air becomes more crisp, sighing away the last few warm days before the first snowfall. During this part of summer, one can trample through the boreal forest and collect… Continue reading Blueberries