Whatever Wednesday: Lesson Learned

Good evening, everyone! Happy Wednesday! I hope that you have been enjoying an awesome week so far. You are half way through it and going strong! Keep it up! For Andy and I here in the north, our blizzard has finally settled down and the skies are clearing. I gotta say, though... I am really impressed… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday: Lesson Learned

Something Meaningful

Meaningful Monday: Blizzards & Other News

Greetings everyone and happy Monday! Wow.... It sure has been a while since the last time we chatted, hey? But no worries! I did not disappear off the face of the planet, I promise. I am still here and look! You are too! This is just wonderful. Now that we have established that we are both… Continue reading Meaningful Monday: Blizzards & Other News

Something Meaningful

Meaningful Monday: The Dead of Winter

Hello friends! Not to fear, I have not lost my mind. I am aware that it is not really Monday. Truth be told, I meant to post this yesterday, but was called away on short notice to undertake a massive painting job before I could finish. So pleasure forgive me for my tardiness, but better late… Continue reading Meaningful Monday: The Dead of Winter


Throwback Thursday: Pisew Falls, MB (In Pictures)

Hello friends! It is good for you to be here today. I am so glad you could join us! For this Throwback Thursday, we are going to keep things super chill (literally). So grab a cup of tea, kick your feet up and enjoy these photos from today's adventures to Pisew Falls Provincial Park, here… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Pisew Falls, MB (In Pictures)


Whatever Wednesday: Standing Still

Good morning! Here in Canada, it is the first day of winter, also known as the Winter or December Solstice. That being said, for this Whatever Wednesday I thought it would be interesting to look at six fun facts about the December Solstice that you may or may not already know. So here we go! 1. Summertime Solstice In the… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday: Standing Still


Whatever Wednesday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

It is Wednesday. Wednesdays are smack dab in the middle of the week and, for those of you who are not familiar with the popular term that has been coined over the years, it is "Hump Day!" Ok, enough with the silliness. I just could not resist. (Get on with it already, Laura) Fair enough. Here… Continue reading Whatever Wednesday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Saturday Crafternoon: Holiday Branch Decor

Welcome friends! As promised, today we are kicking off our new blogging format with our VERY FIRST SATURDAY CRAFTERNOON! What are we making today, you may ask? Well... (Drum roll please) In the spirit of the Christmas season, we will be making an awesome (and really easy) tree branch ornament display. I call it "Holiday Branch… Continue reading Saturday Crafternoon: Holiday Branch Decor


Blue Skies & Butterflies

Today, we have blue skies and sunshine! It is -20 degrees outside, the days are short, and there is still plenty of snow blanketing the ground, but we have blue skies and sunshine after several months of cloud coverage. We finally have Manitoba winter weather and life is good! A year ago today, we were in… Continue reading Blue Skies & Butterflies



I have recently discovered the wonder and excitement of snowflakes. This may sound a bit silly, but growing up in southern California, snow was not really a thing. Sure, we could pack up the car and drive to the mountains where my family and I would make snowmen and sled down random hills. But snow… Continue reading Snowflakes