Blue Skies & Butterflies

Today, we have blue skies and sunshine! It is -20 degrees outside, the days are short, and there is still plenty of snow blanketing the ground, but we have blue skies and sunshine after several months of cloud coverage. We finally have Manitoba winter weather and life is good!

A year ago today, we were in Tromsø, Norway. There, the sun never really rises this time of year. It creeps up to the horizon around 11:00 AM (never actually breaking the surface) and then goes back into hiding around 2:00 PM. During the few hours of “daylight,” the sky is painted with pinks and purples resembling a prolonged, beautiful yet somewhat eerie twilight. It was pretty amazing to watch our friends live the majority of their lives during the winter in the dark and it definitely made me all the more grateful for days like this, here in Canada, where there is sunshine in the sky illuminating the beauty of the world around us.

As I sit typing this morning, sneaking glances out of our window between sentences, I cannot help but grow in anticipation and excitement. There is a certain magic in the air when the sun breaks through the clouds. My plants are by the window soaking up their much needed nutrients and the snow is shimmering as it rests on the trees around us, the rays of light falling gracefully upon their frosted branches.

Wherever you are in the world or whatever your weather may be like, I hope your day is also full of sunshine. If it is cloudy outside for you, may there be blue skies in your heart as you go throughout your day. Oh, what a gift it is to be alive today and what a beautiful day it is indeed.

What is your weather like today? What about the “weather” of your life? 🙂

Outside of Tromsø, Norway overlooking a fjord

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